Alas it’s December….

So much stuff has happened.  I mean I am halfway through my pregnancy with our second daughter.. YEP! DAUGHTER.  I could've sworn from here to the high heavens we were having a boy.. but man I was wrong.  Miss O started preschool & absolutely loves it.  She has learned so much- including but not limited … Continue reading Alas it’s December….


JFF.. is my BFF

So what is JFF you ask?  It's JOIN FOR FREE with Norwex.  I love my side gig.. it's not even a gig.. it's a lifestyle.  It's healthier & so much safer for me, my daughter, my nugget along with the husband. Going to Conference back in July was amazing.  I learned so much & know … Continue reading JFF.. is my BFF

A Week Later…

...and my sister got diagnosed with PCOS.  Unexplained Infertility for me, PCOS for my sister, & eosinophilic granulomatosis for my other sister.  What's the difference between me and my sisters?  Well the one with PCOS isn't a raging lunatic.  Ever since my sister moved to Cleveland, she's been on this blocking phase of who she … Continue reading A Week Later…