Rain Rain… Wasn’t April Meant for Showers?? Happy Cinco de Mayo Folks!

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Ha-ha, get it?… If not I’ll post it at the bottom!

So here I am 2 weeks post meniscus removal surgery (and I am on week three recovery on Monday) and I go back to full time working mama on Monday, May 15th.  Which means a few things

  • I don’t get to sleep in super late anymore (but I’m a mom, so what is sleeping in anyway?!)
  • Miss O will have a breakdown when she isn’t around me 24/7
  • I will be weeks behind on General Hospital again (still 11 episodes behind as is! sigh! and it’s Jane Elliott/Tracy Quatermaine’s farewell week)
  • Upping my Norwex game will be a little hard since I have to actually do work again- luckily I have vendor shows set up AND some parties too so I should be good to go
  • Most of all: LAUNDRY PILES UP, oye.

Luckily, I can’t say I haven’t had adult conversation, I love my girlfriends for that AND for coffee– that’s most important COFFEE.. the miracle mama fuel.  Speaking of mama fuel– who has seen Starbucks is starting their HALF PRICE FRAPPUCINO from 3-6pm from today to 5/14! And if you haven’t yet, you all NEED to try the Midnight Mocha Mint– so delicious!!

But today is Cinco de Mayo (now do you get the picture? ha-ha!) and I have a vendor show in my hometown–  send non-soaking, rainy weather vibes my way for success! But of course I haven’t packed the car, my containers & my table are in my house.. sigh, I didn’t plan that very well!  I am hoping the rain ends since the saying is, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”– well it is already MAY and no longer okay for April Showers.

Well back to doing motherly duties, lots of Paw Patrol.. #momlife



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