The Horrors of the Terrible Two’s

attiTWOde - Mama Said Tees

MamaSaidTees has said it best… attiTWOde.  That is what is going on and has been going on since oh.. .about 18 months old.  And the token “I can’t even” is an understatement.  The emoji of where the hand is covering the face is ALMOST a valid description!

But yesterday’s adventure was not even close to the hand over the face emoji.  Yesterday, my darling peanut took a bath crayon and went into my bedroom and drew on her glider.  A nice long red streak on the ottoman, thank you child.  And to boot, my husband was still sleeping so I couldn’t even react the way I wanted to…

So here I am internally freaking out, I probably had steam coming out of my ears I had to quickly settle down and think about how I was going to clean.  Immediately I went into my laundry room grabbed my Norwex Stain Remover and my all time favorite cloth the envirocloth.  Both required no spraying which meant my midnighter could still sleep and I could remove the stain without waking him up.  And I did in SECONDS.

I know, you’re thinking “WHAT THE HECK?!” trust me I get it.  Between using the envirocloth damp and the stain remover, that 5 inch long red bath crayon streak stood zero chance.  I use this Stain Remover on everything: LulaRoe (yep! blowouts from my daughter’s pull-ups and diapers are no match for this stuff!) and even on her clothes.  Safe, simple, no smells, no dyes.

I used to say “try the household package” but now, I think an envirocloth and Stain Remover will be a token baby shower gift along with the softest kid towels ever.  But the household package WITH the stain remover will make your lives much easier & because it’s water based, chemical free and safest for fur babies and pesky, inquisitive, hurricane-like toddlers I can clean when she is WITHOUT bath crayons in her hands and when my husband is asleep.

Now today is mirror cleaning, folding laundry, and half price frapps with my favorite ladies.  Enjoy your hump-day everyone!





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