Happy Mother’s Day Weekend 2017

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Today is a day we celebrate every woman who’s carried a child, adopted a child, a furbaby or even an arachnid– or let’s not forget about the men who stepped up to be both mothers and fathers to their children.  Kudos to you all!

So what did you all do to celebrate?  I always thought it was funny that my mom said “Oh Mother’s Day is just another day” — but it’s true.  Today was a “normal” day: laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, my last half price frapp from Starbucks, got Cold Stone ice cream and now just hanging out on my couch catching up on more General Hospital.  This weekend is my final weekend of FMLA and I go back to work officially tomorrow from my knee surgery in April; however, I may have overdone it.

I cleaned a ton, made some Norwex “how to” videos, cleaned out my storage unit, donated 4 containers, 2 bags, 2 boxes of clothes & household items to Goodwill and then SLIGHTLY, just slightly organized my storage unit.  You should see the pictures, I mean they make ME happy so I hope they would make everyone else happy too.  To date I have donated over 8 bags of clothes alone to Goodwill and finally got my husband to get rid of clothes too.  Do you know how BIG that is?!  Literally, I thought it would NEVER happen.  I even managed to get my hubby to put the Christmas ornaments, that have been on the desk on the landing and on the desk, and other things that were put away in boxes away too… seriously, this is big.  That means more cleaning for me to do.  I even cleaned out the junk closet– that was 4 bags of trash as is.

So serious question folks: how does one accumulate so much junk?  I mean bags and bags of trash.  Tons of crap were thrown away, those free bags you get if you buy “x” amount at a store, all those giveaway totes from gifts that we just don’t use and anywhere in between.   Household items that never got taken out of storage since we moved or stuff that was given and never used period.  Those free reusable bags got donated, all those fabric softener, scent boosters, detergent containers all were recycled too, and the household items not used or not brought out of storage after we moved out our first apartment got donated too.  Seriously, I soaked in the benefits of Mother’s Day weekend 2017.

So while I say that today was a normal day, this weekend was far from the sort.  I am appreciative of my husband who helped me achieve this weekend and my daughter for making me a mother.  We have made quite a life and the next chapter will be buying a house— and fun fact: we may have found our dream house.. sucks it is a short sale.  So who has patience they want to send my way so I can survive waiting for this dream house of ours!?

Enjoy your days everyone!


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