When Deep Down You Want to Lysol Fumigate…

…..and then you know it goes against everything you know because it wouldn’t even clean your house anyway.


Image result for bacterial infection

Ugh.  Something has hit this household & it’s stagnant.  Bacterial, Allergies, & Viral for me; allergies for my pint size, a sniffling fur baby, plus a migraine for the husband.. seriously I want a do-over from this weekend.  The weather went from super hot to cold, damp & gross which only means you’re doomed for illness.

So here we are.. 2 days after the vendor show I went to & this house is infested with god knows what germs.  Snotty tissues on the table, a toddler wiping her nose with her shirt, her tongue (SUPER GROSS!), and shirt, & then above all else: me losing my voice.  Let’s discuss what it’s like reprimanding a toddler with NO VOICE.  It’s hell.  Something out of the shining.  She laughs at you, runs away, and does everything she knows she shouldn’t be because I can’t reprimand her effectively.  Isn’t that darling? At 2 1/2 years old she knows when I’m down for the count & uses it to her advantage.  The best experience is when she knows you have a headache and she insists on screaming for everything!  HOW FREAKING MEAN IS THAT?!

But this illness/plague on my household (yes, imagine the lines to Romeo & Juliet for that) and I need to clean to eradicate this crap– I’m just not strong enough yet.  Whichever ailment is in my joints, whether it’s the viral or bacterial crud, that is holding me back.  Then the longer I wait, I will be even more upset and dreading cleaning.  This is when the Lysol spray overkill is an idea.  Not ideal, but it’s definitely a contending option.

Enough about ME and this stuff going on here, what about you all?  How was your weekend? What are your ways of warding off multiple ailments in the household at the same time?


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