And it’s JUNE!

Well.. yeah, it’s been June for a few days & I have missed a lot in just 7 days worth of the month.  First off, yesterday was my husband’s birthday & want to know how we celebrated?? We didn’t.  {WHAT? WHAT KIND OF WIFE ARE YOU?!— rest assured it’s not like that at all.. I am not that crappy of a wife!}

Here’s how his birthday went down:

  • worked his night shift
  • came home
  • helped get the toddler to the babysitter’s house
  • came home slept until about 9am or so
  • ran to the mall (well not literally ran.. but ran an errand) & picked up both Bambi & the Live Action Beauty & the Beast movie
  • came home slept until 5ish
  • ate dinner with our daughter & me
  • showered while I went to WalMart
  • went back to work & spent all day in court today

So tonight is his belated birthday celebration at our favorite town restaurant the Mill Street Cantina.  There was a month where I think we ate there at least once or twice a week– their brunch is seriously one of my favorites (unless we’re going up to Peddler’s Village.. then Cock N’ Bull takes it!)  But that’s for another time…

May was busy… let’s do a quick recap!

  • Mother’s Day
  • I went back to work full time after surgery
  • “Land of Enchantment” vendor show— left early though because of getting really sick
  • I lost my voice for 3 days, ended up in Urgent Care, was on a ton of meds both from my chiropractor and the Urgent Care doctor too
  • “Touch A Truck” vendor event– got my name out there– it was nice!
  • Bristol Borough’s first Fridays in June had an order placed.
  • Ordered 2 new shirts for Norwex from my team’s page

Seriously a very busy few weeks BUT it’s only going to get busier: a birthday party, a baptism, Father’s Day, another birthday party, oye.  Crazy busy in the life of us here in Bucks County.  And I have to factor in cleaning the house.. luckily I don’t need to buy supplies I just need my envirocloth, window cloth & dusting mitt for a majority of my house!!!

What all have you been up to?



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