LITTLE TEETHER’s Cure All to Teething Issues!

I despise teething.  Ever since my daughter was 3 months old she’s been teething (did I mention she’s now almost 2 1/2?)..  We have a baltic amber necklace we used.. until we lost it, and by we.. I mean my husband during our move.  So not entirely his fault.. but still his fault.

Then the best invention of all things happened: teething necklaces.  When I was on maternity leave,, I needed a little mom pick me up & found a company called “Happy Mommy Box” and they showcased Little Teether. My first necklace was their Tropical Teal Amore Necklace which was adorable and served its purpose, PLUS got so much use out of it.

Now I was back on the hunt for another teething necklace.  This time around, I wanted something to wear almost any day of the week & I went back to Little Teether and got the Powder Smoke Geo Stylish Teether Necklace.  I loved knowing that with Little Teether, I could get different styles & it would never look like dress up jewelry.   The necklace geo looks GREAT with dresses to work, yes, I wear them to my full time, not for profit City Government job….and I love that they come in subdued “normal” colors.  The amount of gray, black & white dresses I have is absolutely insane.  Plus seriously, look how cute is this necklace?!

The necklace is 35 inches long, PERFECT for when I’m carrying O and when I nursed, it was enough to keep her entertained so I wasn’t choked.  Plus I’m a sucker for anything that comes in a colored package– and the fact that it was a purple mailer made me love Little Teether’s even more: between the letter sent to me and the sweet goodies for me made this purchase so much better.


The purple bubble mailer kept the goodies safe.  The necklace came in a box, the tootsie rolls were for me PLUS the little note from Little Teether owner herself.

Want to know the BEST part?!  Little Teether is letting YOU get 15% off your order– your FULL PURCHASE-– whether you buy a teething toy or a necklace, whatever you purchase will have you save 15% with the code: STEPHANIE15

Happy savings mamas! For all those future mamas, teething babies now, or just to have for future kiddos! Shipping is SO fast 4 days from ordering in the evening to getting to my doorstep by lunch 4 days later.  What other small business gets you product THAT quickly?!


The Powder Smoke Geo Teething Necklace


The adorable “Mommy Gift” too! So thoughtful!


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