Playing Catch Up

I now understand why I only ever want to carry a wristlet purse: I HOLD TOO MUCH CRAP.  I used to have a two door 93 Chevy Cavalier from my grandparents then upgraded to a 2013 Kia Sportage and then in 2015, just months after my daughter was born I enlarged again to a — ahem— a Kia Sedona.  Yep, one kid, and a van.  So that’s like going from a wristlet/wallet, a midsize purse, to a straight Mary Poppin’s bag.

And this Mary Poppin’s bag was holding the following: 5 pairs of toddler shoes, a stroller, 2 boxes of Norwex stuff for vendor shows, 4 blankets, 2 jackets, 3 bags of clothes, a yoga mat, a barre exercise ball, and then trash.. oh my god, the trash.  I know, you’re all thinking “well that’s your problem” and your entirely right.  Main problem of mine: either it’s downpouring when stuff gets left in my car, husband and kid leaves trash in the car, and then shoes.. a whole new ball game.  So that means, 7 loads of laundry coming my way, 3 of the previously made laundry, 4 of the extra loads that were FOUND in the van.  So bring on the catch up.

Then it’s play catch up from everything: cleaning the house, going food shopping, paying bills, having a social life, working out, checking emails, the list goes on and on.  But it keeps piling up because of mom guilt.  Oh that lovely thing.. what? You’ve never heard of it?  Here let me enlighten you.

What is mom guilt? According to Urban Dictionary (for once, I’m not “defining” my name!) it is guilt a mother feels anytime she takes time to do something for herself, outside of work that does not involve her children.  And it’s the truth– so my entertainment is taking my daughter as often as possible to Sesame Place because I feel like I don’t entertain her.  Or I throw on Beauty & The Beast, or Moana, another 7 times because she asks for it.  Or I let her stay up late just to hang out with her some more because I feel like I never see her anyway even though I know for a damn fact that she’ll be an awful kid the next day with an attitude.

So catching up is always occurring in my household.  Two steps forward, three steps back— it’s just a killer.  And after booking a well-needed massage, there’s a large chance I will have to reschedule because of the hubby’s schedule.  Just when I have it down– training arises and I am unable to do anything.

How do you all end mom guilt?


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