Living With Debt

“Go to college– make a life for yourself”— WHAT THAT TRULY MEANS… go to college go into a TON of debt.. and not come out with a job because all of these places hiring want you to have a MASTER’S DEGREE AND ABOUT 5+ YEARS EXPERIENCE.

So how do you make a living when you have AES telling you “you make X as a salary that means you can pay us about your entire check” with the underlying phrase of “eating, transportation to get to that salary, paying other bills, work attire, social life all does not matter to us”?  Well you start selling your soul you feel like OR you start taking constant surveys hoping it will give you some money: it’s a crock.  Research studies are always good for it: so try this if you’re feeling low on cash try this one: Impact Health.  Then there’s also FreeFlys, Free Stuff Finder, BzzAgent, PinchMe, Influenster or even Houseparty for freebies too to offset some serious lack in cash.  Some you qualify for, some you request, some you earn, it’s nice & a free way to get things you want to try BUT definitely can’t afford!! Plus these places LOVE to provide coupons too.

You could also sell plasma or sell used clothes on Poshmark.  This app is always a good way to go (and if you use code: JEPBD you will get $5 off your first order!) since you would never see the buyer, no more creepy yard sale site pickups on your porch, or yard sale pickups near the police department or a local Walmart.  Or you can always wait until taxes come around get all your donations up to speed and itemize your taxes— and donate old clothes to Goodwill.. I think to date since January 2, I have donated 10 bags of clothes, 4 buckets of home goods, 5 boxes of clothes.  And I still have more bags in my house to donate (I blame my newfound addiction to LuLaRoe– which is really why I’m in debt I’m sure).

But here I am– thinking about how to cut down credit card debt, pay off my debt, work, take care of my household and everything else in my life and I am sitting here typing.  It’s stressful and overwhelming BUT knowing two cards are paid off (next up my red card!) that’s three down and two to go (those are the higher balances though BUT will be done in time!!) makes me feel like I am no longer below water.  Soon I will be afloat and all that money will be in my bank account and not paying interest or late fees.  But until then: I will be selling Norwex & will be determined to earn a free trip paid for BY Norwex next winter.  Want to help me?  Let’s party together! You will LOVE the product, and I will love showering you with goodies (plus it’s MOP MONTH!).

Now time to go relax (or try to, it’s not feasible with a toddler!) and deal with a thunderstorm… and if you know me, I hate thunderstorms!

How do YOU save money?!


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