Baby You’re a Firework….. still.

Okay, so Independence Day has come & gone.. and I have NEVER been happier.  Growing up I LOVED fireworks– fast forward to motherhood and HATING the one thing that used to make me so happy.  And I don’t hate fireworks, I think I hate the people setting them off, those who wish they were big shots with the Welcome America tour OR those setting off the fireworks at Sesame Place.  Instead, fireworks started on July 1, Saturday, all the way to LAST NIGHT.  Seriously 5 days.  And what kind of shows did one encounter you ask?  Well all drunk mistaken ones, possibly “shows” that resulted in an emergency room run for dumb-dumbs.  I really don’t understand.

But I do hope your fourth of July was amazing.  Mine had great food, family, and a toddler who ran a muck and burned so much energy but sweat SO MUCH.  While it was a great day, it was super sweaty which meant I needed to clean myself ASAP!  If you haven’t used the body cloths from Norwex, you’re totally missing out! With just water, you’re fully clean and you can remove the makeup you wear everyday!  I have noticed when using my face masks from other direct sale companies, that my skin is already getting cleaner and removing all my oily features.

The more I use Norwex, the more I know packing for my Disney Vacation in November will be easier.  I won’t need to buy travel body wash, soaps, face wash, NOTHING.  Just shampoo and conditioner!  Seriously, how amazing is that?!  And I think for once I will be able to pack my clothes in a CARRY-ON.  Though I am sure I will debate that and over pack tremendously even with just packing leggings!

How was YOUR 4th?


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