Hello hippies? Have room for one more?

So it’s been a crazy few weeks… Fourth of July happened, two death by suicides in my area on the regional rail that I take to work everyday, a week long experience with some serious night terrors from my toddler, along with buying a PSK from Young Living, and booking a Salt Cave appointment on August 5th.

I feel like I’m turning into a hippie, minus the burning of my bra.  I have given up body wash thanks to Norwex’s body cloths.  I am beginning to diffuse oils to go to sleep with much thanks to Young Living oils (seriously SO good!), and lastly, hitting up a salt cave which is apparently supposed to be great for depression, anxiety, asthma, Lyme’s disease and respiratory issues.

I have been a long time fan of holistic care, I mean I used to work at a chiropractor’s office from 2011-2012.  While I was working there I learned about spinal manipulations that help alleviate all sorts of problems in your body all by just adjusting your spine.  I even learned about Young Living back then (who would’ve thought that oils could alleviate the pain of a headache) OR that a class 4 cold laser could assist with Plantar Fasciitis.  Then when I left working there because I moved I was in total, to be blunt, hell.  Allergies, pain, headaches, seriously NOTHING was working and I felt worse than ever.

Fast forward to 2016 when I started going back to a chiropractor AFTER I connected with the massage therapist from the former office I worked at who introduced me to oils along with lasers that can assist with so many things.  And here I am with a 2 1/2 year old daughter, becoming a hippie.  My PCP has ZERO sick appointment spots for me EVER so I always end up at my chiropractor’s office.  So if my PCP has no time for me, than I should have no time for them & find alternative medicine.  Welcome Young Living oils and Norwex.  In tandem, my house is CLEANER, smells NICER, and I have so much better & deeper sleep.  I really wake up rested.  And for having a toddler, that speaks VOLUMES.

I have used “cranky pants” that keeps my freak outs at work at bay (because let’s face it, I am not the type of person who handles whining & obscene politics well at all).  Keeping me grounded is MUCH easier than I thought with the help of Vetiver and most importantly headaches are few & far between because of my bi weekly neck adjustments.  Not only are the adjustments helping me not have headaches, it’s not smelling those chemicals.

I want to make the cleanest and safest place it can be and it’s not just for me, it’s also for my daughter & my five year old furbaby cat.  And while I should say it’s for my daughter the most; it’s for my cat.  I say that because my cat is the last thing I have from my paternal grandparents.  See, my grandfather passed away in January 2012 and I was fortunate enough to have his 92 Chevy Cavalier until I was married BUT in August of 2012, my then fiance and I took home a 12 week old kitten from my grandmother.  I would’ve never thought that just a couple months later, my grandmother would pass away.  So for the past five years it’s been my goal to make my cat bionic (fact: I was crazy enough at one point to have Harv have a litter of kittens so I would never lose the last piece of my grandmother).  I mean seriously, I was rocked at one point but now Harv is a big sister.

Oh boy, here goes nothing the next few weeks as I use oils, sell Norwex and earn that free trip.. being a “hippie” never felt so GOOD!  Healthier, cleaner, rested, AND a free vacation!!!!!!


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