Playing Catch Up With Life..

Back in the day I used to watch VHS tapes, listen to cassette tapes & made mix CDs when I was a teenager… I imagine the creators of VHS tapes had parents in mind… I mean the longevitiy of a movie you’d watch in loop would be.. minimal, right?  Eventually the rewind machine would eventually pull the video OUT of the VHS casing..  Voila! No more of the same video.. forward twenty years & now my daughter successfully gets to watch Frozen on LOOP… ugh.  In the past two weeks, we have watched Frozen about a million and a half times.. that’s about a half a million more times than Beauty & the Beast and still the Blue Ray discs are in pristine condition.  So here’s my thought: a MAN built the Blue Ray– I mean what woman would want a movie to not have a lifetime? Or maybe it’s a mom who thought it initially was a great idea… then it went to crap.

Cleaning has been put to the wayside BUT a few weeks ago Norwex launched new products & I couldn’t be more excited!  New colors, sink mats, everything.  And then I even added Young Living to my list of things to do as a Mom Boss.. oils keep my emotions in check, provide me great sleep & even keeps me grounded in everything.  I honestly believe if I didn’t have YL on my side, I would still be very unhappy with many things in life.  A little joy, a few drops of peace & calming, an ache no more roller and knowing I no longer get bit by pesky mosquitoes because of some purification make me SUPER happy.

I am trying to make a change for my family & removing chemicals from my house with Young Living & Norwex is the BEST way to do so.  I love both of my journeys and want you with me, let’s join together!  Earn a trip to Maui with Norwex for 2019 OR learn how to sleep better with Young Living (it’s been the BEST sleep I’ve had since BEFORE I was pregnant!).  I never envisioned being the mom who does TWO businesses PLUS a full time job, with being a mom & a wife.. but I am doing it all for that child.  I work out so she knows that being active is a good thing & that it’s a way of life.

What have you been doing with your lives in the past few weeks?  Catch up is always the worst isn’t it?

Talk to you soon ❤


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