Skipping September

August ended, September flew by & here we are in the beginning of October.

My life has been pure chaos & here’s some updates in bullet forms:

  • 1 Evil Queen Halloween costume
  • 2 rounds of pneumonia for the husband and toddler
  • starting dance classes
  • 1 round of the flu for the husband
  • 1 round of impetigo
  • 1 follow up x-ray
  • 1 inhaler and chamber
  • 1 ER visit for the husband
  • 40 visitors from international countries visiting Philadelphia for a few days
  • 26,000 people walked in Philadelphia for Recovery
  • paying off 3 different Disney World vacation Reservations
  • 1 Norwex Fundraiser
  • 3 Norwex Parties
  • 5 different Recovery Walk Rallies at work
  • 1 Kevin Hines speaking event in Philadelphia
    • Have you heard of Kevin Hines?  He is one of the few who have survived a suicide attempt from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.   He came and spoke to Philadelphians, Mental Health First Aid Instructors along with other Aiders.  He spoke of his trouble with understanding his bipolar disorder along with his hallucinations.
      His keynote was remarkable, sad, inspiring.   With eloquence, some humor, and questions regarding our help in the field all made us feel important along with promise of hope of success.
  • 1 Out of the Darkness Walk in Philadelphia
    • This year was different than the other events because my big from Phi Mu walked with me.  By having her in attendance made the event more meaningful.  Walking to the survivor tent for her survivor beads, watching her put the t-shirt on all made everything worthwhile.
  • an upcoming 1 National Depression Screening Day Event

My life has been a whirlwind.  I have a love-hate relationship with Nurse Practitioners along with overall amounts of love and appreciation for my husband who tolerated two rounds of pneumonia, a round for himself, along with x-rays for peanut and even an ER visit for himself.

Then there was beginning dance classes which my daughter did well BUT if there are kids crying around her then all goes downhill.  I am positive that eventually it will fade but I am hoping it will be much easier as time goes on.  But it’s not looking promising.   Some of these moms are just attached to their kid, while I love my daughter (don’t ever think I don’t) I want her to grow up a little independent and know that 45 minutes won’t hurt her if she’s not attached to my hip.

In the next few weeks, we are headed BACK to Disney World & I couldn’t be more excited.  What I am not excited over is traveling with my parents, my sister & my in-laws.  For those that have traveled with an additional 5 people please provide me insight on the following:

  • Did you enjoy your vacation?
  • Was it a grandparent struggle?
  • Did you want to leave people in other states just to get a break before coming back home?


Thanks for playing catch up with me! How are you enjoying your fall so far?


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