103 Tags for clothes & about 25 for books

Image result for kids clothes

That’s a whole lotta tags… I want to cry.  I always thought consigning was great, I mean it truly is– please don’t think it’s not.  It is FANTASTIC.

This year I am trying to consign.  I am super excited about it BUT super sad at the same time.  And stressed to the nine’s.  There are rules: how to hang the clothes, how to tag, what you can and can’t consign– for instance in the winter: no short sleeve shirts.  But I am most sad about knowing I am getting rid of my daughter’s clothes– but I still have SO MANY clothes left.

Then there are books— I tried my hardest to make books a thing here.. especially holiday ones because I wanted my daughter to enjoy Christmas since she’s born a few days before.  But she’s picky with her books– so here I am removing books she never opened, she never liked, I never read.  Consigning is super stressful!  How do you do it?

  • How much to sell for?
  • How much is too much?
  • What happens if it doesn’t sell? All that prep work only to bring it home & still have it..UGH.
  • Will people think my daughter’s stuff is cute? I thought she was well dressed but what if the stuff I am consigning no one thinks is cute?

Well off to catch up on my soap operas (General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, This is Us) and such because I am sooo tired of watching kid shows.


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