It’s been a whirlwind of an emotional roller coaster..

So the 103 tags came and went.. I ended up forgetting 2 items & realized 1 item was stained so I dropped off 100 items & SIXTY THREE, yes 63 (OR if you’re like me… 63%) of my items SOLD.  And oh, the challenge of becoming PERFECT CONSIGNOR paid off.. The anxiety of it all managed to ease & then just like that other stuff hit the fan.

Recently got dropped by my mom-friends, joined a new gym, dealt with HR at my job, caught up on my soap opera, finished season two of Chesapeake Shores, heard things from HR & then somehow I got written up for it.  Yep, for reporting something going on, I got in trouble… but it’s not considered retaliation.  Okay.  Right.  It’s fine.  Time to start perusing some serious other options & quick.

With November now being here, I need something to be grateful for.. and right now it’s my family.  It’s been over 6 months since we booked our Disney World Vacation & come THIS MONDAY WE WILL BE IN FLORIDA!!  I seriously can not wait. I need this time away & to just enjoy family.  Last week was a whirlwind– there was a chance my mom, dad & younger sister wouldn’t be able to make it to Disney (for those that don’t know, it’s a big trip: my parents, my younger sister, his parents, and my little family of 3) and my mom needed emergency surgery & then my sister had a hiccup with her genetic disorder.

Then if that wasn’t enough, my “mom friends” dropped me.. all for a question and a miscommunication/assumption based on a title that means one thing to everyone else in the universe than the company in which the term is used for.. it’s odd.  And then the owner of the place I met the mom friends blocked me on Instagram & on Facebook– but according to her and I quote “you’re always welcome– moms need each other” so I joined Retro Fitness.. and while I haven’t made “mom friends” I have gotten closer again to my “cousin” who is my Godmama’s biological niece.  Looking back it was a client/employee friendship for the adults.. the main problem is my daughter asks about her “friends” which I can’t seem to make an answer because “Sorry L, mommy’s ‘friends’ dropped her which means they were not true friends anyway.”  So to help cure the “no more mom friends” issue, hubby is taking me to the Flyers game Saturday with his squad which is going to be awkward but probably a means to an end.  I do *need* these women.. this group.. this sisterhood.  I haven’t had a sisterhood since college & this sisterhood is more than just letters, recruitment & formals.. this sisterhood is perfect for policy, support, truth, compassion & understanding of the lifestyle.  Which is needed but sometimes just like the Greek system, is full of stupid drama.  Which at 29, I do not need.

But my October was drama filled, a wedding, Halloween where I was Snow White (my DREAM!) and my little buddy was the Evil Queen– which by the way, did you know her name was GRIMHILDE?!  Yep, she’s got a name!  Just like the Prince’s name is FERDINAND.  So my goal in Disney this upcoming week is to be in my Snow White t-shirt and have L be in her Evil Queen costume meeting her “step-daughter,” I will be recording the experience & will LOVE the photos immensely!


3 thoughts on “It’s been a whirlwind of an emotional roller coaster..

    • Disney was interesting… and the HR sitch.. well it’s tolerable or it will be. My goal is to become successful enough to leave my full time job in time… but we just don’t know when that will be.

      I am loving all of your posts so far 🙂 thanks for allowing me to follow!

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