Family Photos, Flyers Game, Disney, Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Small Business Saturday…. Holy Mackerel!

So let’s start with November 10th- Veteran’s Day Observed Holiday.. in the past few years, it’s been photo days.. in 2014 before my hubby went to the academy it was maternity photos and now it’s family photo day (I guess it’s been family photos since 2014 technically, right?).  But my hubby looked some what rough in them.. he decided to take 2 OT shifts on Wednesday & Thursday that week BEFORE we took the photos.. so he looks EXHAUSTED IN THEM.  And that’s me being nice, I could be more truthful (if you know what I mean!).

November 11th- Veteran’s Day– Flyers Game.  Hubby & I went with his squad & tailgated.. we slightly fell like just married folk & not parents… til the game was over.  We tailgated for 4 hours (yes, I felt like I was back in college at a Homecoming Game… 4 hours for a sport I never understood!) and then almost fell asleep INSTANTLY once the game was over… it was insane.  My MIL watched my daughter for the night and we were then able to go back home, sleep & finalize packing for Disney AND the night at the hotel that Sunday night.

Sunday was Disney ALMOST Trip.. my dad, mom, sister & my little family stayed in a 2 bedroom suite.  I thought it was going to be the start of a phenomenal trip…  I was mistaken.. just not that early enough yet.  That Monday morning we were on a shuttle at 2:45am en route to Philly International & going through TSA for our gate.  Yep, my husband made flights OUT of PA at 5:50am… with a toddler who’s almost 3.  Hm… right.  Cool.  We got on the flight and somehow in mid-air it got delayed so the little over 2 hour flight turned into almost 2 1/2 hours– odd.  But it is what it is.  All done & over with.  Magical Express took us to Pop Century and then check in was.. umm.. eventful.  I did an online check in so my room was ready which meant my in-laws’ room was ready (they stayed with us night one) while my parents’ and sister’s room wasn’t ready for another few hours.. they ended up in the adjoining room so that made them a little angry (Dad especially, he’s not a big vacationer, let alone a Disney guy.. he was going for my daughter).  Then dinner happened.. my sister had an allergic reaction to the meal and was rushed to the hospital, ended up in ICU & then dinner was ruined as was the rest of the night.  I tried to fix it by taking Mom to see the large Grand Floridian Christmas Tree & the gingerbread house.. well.. the tree wasn’t up & the gingerbread house was not up and running.  It was more disappointing to me because I booked the trip, I wanted to go & I wanted to do Christmas… I should have called to see when Christmas would have been fully up & I did not.  So while I saved on free dining, I missed all of the decorations.  That was Monday; Tuesday was my sister discharging going to Hollywood Studios, trying to enjoy the Christmas party (DRAMA!) and then my parents & sister taking an emergency flight home on Wednesday because her body was trying to expell a foreign object out of her toe.  [Side story: she has a rare autoimmune disease that literally ages you on the inside and KILLS you from the inside out.  Currently she’s on her 8th sinus surgery, 4th set of ear tubes and the list goes on.] So then the rest of the trip was my little family & my in laws.  Because my mom was jealous and bitter about leaving she made my trip almost unbearable which made me sad because this was my last trip as a family of three.  Note: I am not pregnant.. but the next time we go down I will more than likely have a second child so my final trip with my daughter was this one & it was supposed to be great and it was nothing but ruined for me.  My daughter on the other hand, LOVED herself.  She met: Belle, Jasmine, Joy, Sadness, Magician Mickey, Goofy (x2), Donald, Minnie (x2), Mickey (at Epcot & at Chef Mickey’s), Mary Poppins, Snow White (MY FAVORITE & she met her in her Evil Queen costume!), Elsa, Anna, the list goes on & my brain is coming to mush. But she loved herself and I guess that’s all that matters, right?  The trip WAS for her and was about her even if she didn’t understand it.

Then the trip became quickly over & then holiday/birthday shopping commenced.  Dance on Saturday morning, lunch @ Sesame Place with Rudolph & Clarice (two of my favorite Christmas characters) and then to Target to check out things.  Well.. that was the first mistake Target.  They had 25% off of toys so we started Christmas shopping for peanut and then my obsession with being done started.  So I searched for the best prices & in store pick-ups (because I know I would get sucked in for other gifts!) for the following:

  • Doc McStuffins Nursery – Thank you BJs for having a clipless coupon and making it the CHEAPEST I saw.  She will FREAK OUT when she opens it! I can’t wait!!
  • Doc McStuffins Get Better CeCe: This was a pain to find and cost me a lot of time with cancelling transactions due to chaos with Toys R Us.  I tried to reserve it at Langhorne’s store, first payment timed out; no confirmation– second went through and got a confirmation.. BOTH posted to my card– best part: Langhorne didn’t have it.  So I had to cancel both charges and then I redeemed reward points & BAM! Got it FOR FREE woohoooo just paid shipping; not too bad!
    Image result for get better cece
  • Doc McStuffins Hospital Set:  Another Target score! 25% off made this impossible to pass up.
  • Doc McStuffins Jacket Set: THANK YOU TARGET! 25% off of this was PHENOMENAL!  So happy!  And ironically cheaper than ever getting it at the Disney Store even after Halloween!

Thanksgiving was meh, a holiday full of food– family getting together & gossiping, which was annoying but happens regardless.

Black Friday- nothing special though we ended up going to the Disney Store & landed some sweet deals on prince dolls! Pandora for my gift, thank you M youda best! We took advantage of the sale for him too because he got shirts in every single color of the shirt he wore for family pictures.  The tree lighting was nice in my hometown though at night.  They had TWO real reindeer– to my daughter she named them Sven.. obviously she’s obsessed with Frozen!  She slept over at my parents which worked out for me because hubby and I were decorating the tree (we left her ornaments to hang with us though!), purged some of her unloved toys, moved her toys from my car

Then today: Christmas Parade in my hometown & Small Business Saturday.  My sale in my VIP Group on Facebook was okay.. not too bad but not too great either BUT it’s starting.  But the parade was mediocre.  I hate the parade of the sirens of the firetrucks.. it’s SO noisy and hurts my ears as I am protecting my daughter’s.  It is what it is.  Oh well. My godmama made DELICIOUS food and I still haven’t eaten dinner, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Love her cooking.

Well with that I am hopping back to my Hallmark Christmas movies.


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