Holidays with a Hippie, ahem, that’s me

happy holidays


Christmas shopping– why is it always stressful? One year it’s all gift cards for my family members the next year it’s a secret Santa with a minimum of $50+ and then the year after that is nothing.  The best is when you adhere to making a gift $50 and then the person who received your gift after some serious thought HATED it.  Yep, hated it.  I made sure I put so much thought into the gift and my person literally didn’t appreciate it at all.  The year after that was gift card Polyanna– seriously, everyone just bought a bunch of $25 gift cards and it was annoying.

This year: no one wants anything.  My older sister and brother in law want zilch.  My mom and dad will tell me nothing- and my husband has to think of his parents.  We were going to get our moms dance studio apparel but we forgot to check out the cart which was disheartening 😦 oh well.  It happens, I guess.

This year, as previously stated has been done & dusted for my daughter.  And all I have to do is thank Norwex AND Young Living‘s Stress Away Essential Oil.  With a few drops of Stress Away on my neck to keep my cortisol levels lower, I am able to focus on keeping the holidays coming.  I am also LOVING the Christmas Spirit too from YL.  I was worried at first that Christmas Spirit would be too much pine and nothing that felt like the family get togethers or feelings of curling up on the couch & watching Hallmark Christmas movies… But tell me that doesn’t sound LOVELY?! Lately that is what I have been doing: binging on Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas and curling up on the couch with whatever coffee mug I grab and throw hot cocoa with whipped cream in there.

But I am determined to make DIY Christmas stuff this year– especially with my daughter.  Somethings I have seen on the bottomless hole I call Pinterest are:

  • Stained Glass Nativity: This is definitely happening in my house.  I say this because I still at 29 do not have a nativity scene.  My dream nativity is Lenox’s Nativity scene, it’s my dream.  Seriously, my house goal nativity.  To me, Lenox is the porcelain that is like Coach purses– they never go out of style.  So in the meantime, I will be making this with my daughter & maybe make more than one so they became ornaments.
  • Reindeer Garland:  I have multi-level shelves and if I can make my shelves look more normal.  The gingerbread one I have, from I think Pier One?, is only one strand so I can’t use them on the shelf.. it’s just not happening.  So I need to get everything– cardstock, a good pair of scissors, glitter, and red-white twine.  Pretty much everything.  That will be fun.  Michael’s will love me.  Though that is my Target hole– craftying is my heart.  I think it’s due to my sorority time.
  • Magic Reindeer Food: which I am excited to make– though I am unsure how my HOA will take it.  But I am not missing out on making memories with my toddler.  Have you ever baked cookies and make the reindeer food to leave out for Santa & the reindeer?  Or do you leave carrots?


And then there are Christmas gifts to me, from me (the infamous “To Me, Love Me” gifts!) and wish list items because I as a mom, full time working mama, side business mama, and an LEOW…

  • Snow White Wine Glass: For those that don’t know, I am OBSESSED with Snow White.  She is my ‘homegirl’ and I adore knowing that my favorite princess is the “OG” haha.  My best friend from grade school, Bahar, along with her sister, Nese, own an Etsy store: KayaCreationss and they do WONDERFUL work.  Other things on my list of things to order: Sophisticated, Fancy, Handpainted Stemless Wine Glasses – they’re stunning pieces.  Beautiful colors, and perfect for the summer.
  • Adorn Market: A girl who was on the swim team at my college’s alma mater, Erika, opened this Etsy store.  Erika, like Bahar & Nese, generated some beautiful pieces.  Most specifically, my list of things to own from Adorn are the Thankful Leaf and pretty much all of the wood signs (especially: You Are My Sunshine).  Erika also used to make these beyond GORGEOUS green rock coasters.
  • Peppermint Mocha on Main Street Minnie Mouse Ears: Ever since I’ve been back from Disney, I have been stalking my next set of mouse ears.. and I think since I haven’t had caffeine in months that I just adore these ears.  Knowing that Starbucks is a snack at Disney World always made me happy though lately since being ghosted by my then text group “Coffee B**tches” I just miss Starbucks dates.  But that’s for a different day, a different time.. no place for this blog whatsoever.


How do you celebrate the holidays? Do you go to light shows, drive around looking for overly decorated houses, binge watch Hallmark, stalk ABC/CBS for the claymation classics?  What do you do?  With a now almost 3 year old, I need to create traditions and teach her that things are not always given to her.. especially because she’s in the gimme gimme phase.  When I grew up my Mom & Dad made me and my sisters volunteer at Shop With A Cop (plus the Marine Corps.) along with providing Christmas dinners and toys for less fortunate families in my hometown.  While I hated knowing that they were less fortunate, I also knew that I was able to make their Christmas a little better.  I loved that, and I loved knowing there are experiences you can provide your children… though now they are just so much more expensive.

Looking forward to insight to your holidays!


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