So I Hit 30 & the World isn’t Over…

…or is it?

Some places I am still in that 20-34 box while other times I am in a strictly 30 box.. and not going to lie it kind of messes with my head.

At least I haven’t worked much last week, BUT here I am at work today all in shades of blue and my coworkers are thinking I am depressed.  I’m wearing blue, I’m not depressed.  So I twisted their thoughts & said “what if I wore blue to feel fluid like water?” and they looked at me like I had 6 heads.  Granted, I work with a lot of social workers & some clinicians but I am still recovering from this past weekend.  Most of my friends are “month long birthday celebration” folk and I am like “yay it’s come & gone.. I’m a mom & there are so many things I need to do”— but he surprised me… BIG TIME.

He put the bar high for surprising him for his 30th now… but he made the third decade of my lifetime pretty damn memorable. First he partnered with my Big Sister from my sorority and sent me to Broadway to see Wicked.  No, that was not the ONLY surprise.  He connected my big with my best friend from growing up & my Big connected with our friend who lives up in New York too.. talk about a surprise! It was a good night with the three of them then I traveled New Jersey Transit home Saturday morning (whirlwind of 24 hours!) and then I only had an hour from pick up to leaving again for what I thought was just lunch.. but I should have known it wasn’t due to the following stipulations:

  1. No Mom Bun
  2. No Yoga Pants
  3. No Sweatshirts
  4. No Athleisure
  5. No sneakers or UGGS

After all of that I knew something was up.. BUT all of those meant the following: it was more than just immediate family.. BUT how much more?  Well he outdid himself.  The only cousins of his I liked were invited, my immediate in-laws plus my brother in-law’s lady friend, along with my favorite uncle, my godmother & her husband, my best mom friend & her adorable 3 kids!, and my mom’s cousin who liked to tell me “you were one ugly baby growing up” haha.. that’s a long story.. which one day I will enlighten you all on… because my first few years were apparently freaking hysterical AND hard to understand…

But he surprised me.. and he surprised me big.  Especially because our lives have drastically changed in the past 8 years of being together he did really freaking well.  Sometimes being part of our life it’s challenging, keeping a toddler from waking up her father when he’s sleeping, to trying to Norwex the house to keep it clean, to tolerating an insufferable cat who makes me angry beyond the immense base line of hell, and then scheduling time for just he and I that doesnt’ involve cleaning, laundry (folding, washer, dryer, etc).. and not our toddler.. YET somehow we always tend to spend our time doing “livisms”.. It’s pathetic BUT it’s just us.

Then Sunday we chilled.. well.. cleaned a LOT and attempted to do taxes.  Which well.. isn’t working so well.  in 2017 we donated a LOT of stuff and then in the end even with a “fake” attempt at taxes (NOTE: NONE OF THE TAXES WERE SUBMITTED) it says we’re getting back 134k back… ugh, I WISH.  But we both know it’s not the case haha.

And then the first weekend of my 30s ended with President’s Day.  Mommy/Daughter breakfast date with my brother in law & older sister which lead to a play date with another LEO wife.  A quick lumch break then time spent with a mom friend and their daughter at Bouncing off the Walls.. you’d think it would have made my daughter super exhausted.. NOPE.  Not even close. Homegirl wanted to hang out & just keep talking.

How was your President’s Day weekend?!


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