2 months in.. 2 months of nothing.. But still Oily..

FRUSTRATING to trying.  LOVING the oily.  Yep, still nothing.  Still inferior, infertile & still with inept.  We had a blow out via text & yet he acts like NOTHING happened.  “It was the Clomid talking” — no, it was me.  It was ALL ME.  My frustration, my disappointment, my extreme anger.

I am by no means a feminist, I’m not.  Though I am when it comes to this.  I am not going to be the only one labeled anything, I was already labeled for you dummy.  I was labeled:

  • girlfriend, fiancee, wife
  • two failed direct sale businesses
  • mom to be, post partum depressed mama, in therapy mama
  • norwex mama, oily mama

But I am not going to be labeled infertile alone.  Get your crap tested… but noooooooooooo. Why didn’t he?  Oh, my doctor didn’t tell him to.  Keywords there folks: MY DOCTOR.  He isn’t my husband’s doctor.. unless he has a uterus & ovaries I was unaware of.

But that leads me to this… in the recent weeks, I have gone more holistic.  I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with Norwex and have been getting oils with Young Living to make sure I am up to par on this wellness train.  I have eliminated chemicals.. meanwhile he’s got a tight uniform, caffeine pills, crappy sleep, and drinks so much sugary crap I should probably learn how to make it myself.

After using oils for diets, workouts, cooking, baking, and Norwex for my cleaning, I have accrued a lot of stuff for both of my lifestyle techniques.  For Norwex I store it in my hallway closet BUT I have found THE FREAKING BEST oil carrier ever & everyone needs it.  I mean yes, I could’ve bought something from YL and I could’ve gotten ER points on it BUT I am beyond happy and so over the moon with this (+ it’s from amazon & isn’t everything this mama does anymore on amazon?)… but I digress.  Check it out here.  It holds my 15s and 5s with ease PLUS what’s the best part?  My rollers have a place to live too.  My daughter is OBSESSED with it and my husband actually will carry it.

So what does that  mean for me?  I am healthier than he is.  So eventually when he wants to get tested, learn that this is his fault & not mine, then maybe he will get on the oily train with me and his daughter.  Until then, keep carrying the oils dude… just look like you do.


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