Designing the Life You Want..

I am on a call with my Norwex leadership & our Senior VP Sales Leader just said that and it had me thinking “the remainder of 2018 will be my year.”

How amazing is that? “Designing the life you want” – – sitting back, eyes closed & watching everything in your mind.  Dreams became goals, goals become challenges, & challenges are overcome and it’s completed.  It doesn’t remain a dream.  I am grateful for this team I am on and I am beyond thrilled for what we stand for as a company.

So what does my 2018 look like?  Here’s some of my goals for the remainder of the year:

  • I will be going to Conference as a Team Coordinator
  • I will be going to Norwex’s leadership retreat next April
  • I will always have bookings for my business.
  • I will earn the 2020 Incentive trip.

But what will this get me?  Norwex will pay my bills (and not just one a month) I wand the following paid for by my little safe haven creating lifestyle:

  • Student Loans – both mine AND my husband’s
  • Car payment – mine & my husband’s
  • DISNEY- we want to go back & I want to save my husband from OT overkill with his job.  Not only that BUT I want to be able to pay for Bibiddi Boppidi Boutique for our 3 year old who will probably be 4 at the time.

By designing the life I want, I want freedom.  I want to be able to debt free and not rely on construction zones, court and DUIs from my husband’s job.

So I’m curious what do YOU want to design?  Are you curious about joining Norwex?  If you are check out the Frequently Asked Questions page & let me know if you want to design a life with Norwex!

Talk to you all soon 🙂


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