It’s been a while… with a lot of drama

I actually thought this blog would be about my direct sales business with Norwex and hippie style toxic free lifestyle with Young Living Oils… but I think after today’s post it will be literally about cleaning my life: an exorcism tale.

So let’s bring you up to speed in quick bullets then I’ll elaborate…

  • I am on the board for Bristol Borough’s Teen Foundation as Fundraising Chair
    • I’ve 7 Dine & Donates to date
    • I’ve tried but failed at 1 massive fundraiser
    • I don’t like half of the board
  • I am in workplace hell, reverse racism AND agism at its finest
  • I am going to fertility specialists at the end of the month
  • My sister almost died
    • this is a long one so let’s break this down even further
      • she’s allergic to peanuts and around her 28th birthday which was drama filled as is she opted to eat said death butter in front of my parents
      • she ate potato chips in the air going to Cleveland Clinic & has been “viral” on her allergy… yep.. maybe you’ve seen her Facebook Lives (apparently I missed one where she says she had a career in singing.. did I mention she’s on disability?.. so never a career) or the tons of news bureaus doing posts on her… ON A NUT ALLERGY
      • and my coworkers thought I was lying about this.. sounds a bit fabricated.. but it’s not.
  • I am in laminating hell for my full time job.
  • I’m getting installed in the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians tonight.. this will be interesting.  I have zero clue as to what my obligation is.
  • My mom is an Eastern Star.. or Amaranth.. unsure which one I think Amaranth?  I have zero clue but mom is a little ticked I chose LAOH over her… meanwhile wasn’t even invited to hers til AFTER

So let’s see where to begin.  Let’s go back in time to my sister being not a disrespectful, hurtful, monster shall we?  That takes us back about 8 years.  She was always sick.  Growing up we all had exercise induced asthma but she never grew out of hers.  In that span of time she needed multiple sinus surgeries, her adenoids removed and other things here and there. My parents always bragged that she would be the daughter who would take care of them, be married first & with kids.. well SHOCKER FOLKS.  No job, no college degree, no boyfriend, still living at home, and no kids.. BUT because of this constant bragging and ego boost she got growing up she believes every time she’s feeling a fight she always mentions that I am a loser, settled for a man that deserves better and that I am a waste of space who doesn’t deserve family.  And then this weekend she’s added to it saying, “your daughter is better off without you as her mother” — and my mom wonders why I haven’t unblocked her number or even wished her well as she gets surgery on a mass on her heart today.  Because to me, she doesn’t have a heart to operate on.  Honestly, that’s rude & disrespectful BUT if you’ve lived with this nightmare as your blood relative (who when I got engaged to my now husband she had a conversation with my older sister’s friend calling him a mama’s boy and all of this shit) and that she’d have her then boyfriend drive her to where I was and have her kick my ass.  That then boyfriend CHEATED ON HER and DUMPED HER WHILE SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL.  But I am a bad person.. riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  She’s a monster.

So about her suicide attempts,.. let’s see she’s tried to hang herself on my birthday in 2015, she’s taken copious amounts of sleeping drugs while I was buying my wedding dress back in June of 2012, was cutting herself when her then boyfriend and her went on a break, BUT folks, she’s not actively suicidal.  According to my parents she’s just misunderstood & the best is that the doctor told her “it’s okay you were rude to your family, they don’t know what it’s like to be sick”— well tell that doctor he’s full of shit because that’s not the first incidence of her being a complete twat.  When she went to Cleveland she knew American Airlines served things made with peanuts on the plane.  We learned that from Disney when we went back in November this past year.  Then when she wasn’t having fun, my daughter was having attention given to her (come on folks– she’s only 3 years old) but in my sister’s mind it was “This is my first trip, it shouldn’t be all about the baby”– no sweetie, it SHOULD and is about the baby.  You just need to accept that you aren’t the family baby anymore.  But that’s not okay in her mind, SO when we were in Disney she had an allergic reaction as well AND contacted the news bureaus.. but nothing happened.  So this time 6 months later, something happens & POOF! Her limelight is granted. The best part is that her images she shared with everyone on the news were images of her from YEARS ago.  Seriously, not even this flight.  Chemo hair, CPAP machines, rehab hospital stays.. NOTHING from this past weekend.

My guess is that you’re all thinking, “But Steph, maybe she is indeed sick & it’s just a misunderstanding” — you’re all right, she IS sick.. but it doesn’t give her the right to treat family the way she does.   It also doesn’t give her the right to go to the media for attention. SHE ATE THE SHIT HERSELF.  I have zero clue as to what her end game is.  She isn’t bringing awareness to her disease, she’s capitalizing on Epi Pens, the cardiologist from Cleveland Clinic who helped her out and all about that.  If you’re going to do all of this have a hidden agenda for Christ’s sake & bring awareness to your condition. Or on the fact that it’s Mental Health Awareness Month & you’re actively in a mental health challenge.. constantly.

But moving on… so LAOH/Amaranth.  That happened within 48 hours (LAOH did) but Amaranth/Eastern Star unsure when that will.   Or if it will.  We’ll see.  Laminating hell- MHFA TOI for Philadelphia.  18 scenarios printed 45 times, 600+ ALGEE jigsaw puzzles,  and multiple tons of paper that needs to be printed.  Ugh.  And then built into a TOI kit. My job is terrible, they hate me because my husband is a cop AND a republican.  They even went as far and have taken pictures of him OUT of my cube of him in uniform.  Coworkers perceive me as having white privilege yet I have been removed from all things I was participating in so others who are inept and incompetent can schedule and do all the things.  All I’m good for is buying food, making copies, + other administrative things.. meanwhile I’m not the administrative assistant (yet our AA WILL be resigning.  Wonderful… can I bounce too?).

Fertility specialist is scheduled for Monday, 5/21 at 5:30pm.  On April 30th I went to my OBGYN and he told me “go to fertility, take another round of clomid, it is probably you because look there’s proof that your husband is okay”– oh great.  Thanks.  I love and hate the man at the same time.  But he’s an old man so he’s stuck in his ways.. but at that moment I’ve never felt more like I was listening to King Henry VIII talking about beheading me because I wasn’t producing an heir apparent. Speaking of heirs, a new royal was born AND then the royal wedding.. another one.  Will I be DVRing it? In the words of Mr. Big from Sex & the City, “Abso-fucking-lutely”.

I’ll pick this back up when I get my life back together again.

Til then folks..


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