“You’re a Medical Conundrum”

…why thank you Dr. C.  That’s the best to hear.  Only to be followed up with “you’ve got 18 great looking ovaries from this perspective”… well that perspective was ultrasound deep in my lady bits (deep down was going to say “lady chamber” but then I would be even more grossed out from the nursery rhyme “Goosey Goosey Gander”.. have you heard that one? Super creepy.  If you haven’t, I’ll get to that soon).

So what’s next in the life of me?  Well let’s give a little update from the last entry:

  1. Little sister is moving to Cleveland, was supposed to be Thursday this week BUT she opted to make my parents drive her out today…
  2. Older sister was in the ER yesterday for high blood pressure.. self medicating, folks it is NOT the answer.  Seek a holistic medical professional’s opinion. Don’t use Dr. Google to do it yourself!  Okay, getting off my soap box now.
  3. Mom is moving out with said little sister to Cleveland since she is constantly passing out and requires her heart to be restarted with hands only CPR. Yep, she collapses MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.
  4. Somehow I am driving to Cleveland.. new development.

I am also obsessed with the Netflix movie “The Kissing Booth”– I think it’s strictly because of the guy who plays “Noah Flynn.”  And lately I’ve been obsessing over the number of syllables in names so I can ensure that if and when we ever get pregnant all is equal.  For instance I am 3-2-1, my daughter is 3-1-1, husband (and if we have a son) is 2-2-1.  So I am torn when it comes to another girl, if have one, what her name would be.  Maybe that’s my problem.  I have it in my head I am having a kid & who knows I am probably not.

So besides all my uterus issues… someone joined me in my chemical free Norwex journey.  I find that extremely exciting!  Speaking of Norwex, my feisty three year old has lately been going live with me on Facebook talking about our body cloths that Norwex has & well… yesterday was.. a rear ending experience.  She went to the bathroom AND never put her underwear back on.. so she wanted to show everyone how she’d clean her bum on facebook… I was MORTIFIED.  I quickly ended AND deleted the video & hoped to god NO ONE got on.  Luckily no one did.  Seriously, thank the lord. But that little human LOVES Norwex.  And I’m lucky she does because she’s my favorite assistant in the entire world.  Plus she thinks it’s getting her way to Disney (a little fib won’t hurt her… don’t judge this mom!).

My goal is to be a Team Coordinator by July 21st this year.  That’s because it’s conference AND I want to be in leadership for this company that I love.


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