“Hi Stephanie, I need the Condo Back… Immediately”

… that statement was followed up with “Can you be out by 6/15?”  Ummm WHAT?!  3 years of living somewhere, a toddler, 3 Christmases, 3 birthdays, and other events, I mean literally 20 days or so to move out is insane.

I pushed her back to 8/1 and it was a struggle because “you’re month to month” well… I asked for a lease for MONTHS now.  You opted to NOT give one.  I should’ve seen it coming.  Seriously hindsight.  Usually we get told about pool passes… we didn’t.  There’s been issues with parking; somehow now the broken blinds that have been broken PRIOR to moving in back in 2015 are an issue.  Little does she know I called the HOA myself to deal with it.

So here I am Tuesday night around 7:30pm.  Freaking out, M is in the shower getting ready for work and O is freaking out with me because she reacts to how I react.  He gets out of the shower, I’m crying, O is running chaotically testing my patience, calls the credit union & O is figuring out what exactly is hers.  I made the grave mistake of explaining that “Wherever Daddy, Mommy, Harvey & you are that’s our home” – – she wanted to know about her toys, her crib, her clothes.  I keep forgetting the literal sense of a toddler… so that was heartbreaking.  All is good though.

By Tuesday night at 8:30pm we had a prelim mortgage rate, a prelim preapproval, and houses to look at on Thursday (today).  Then last night as I was driving O to my mother in law’s, my friend told me that she was putting an offer in for the house we are looking at today.  I was happy for her that she found a house until she said, “you know I’ve been looking for 18 months, you can always move in with my mom if you need a place to stay” so I got a little ticked and I responded with, “I have a ring on my finger, I haven’t lived with my parents in 6 years (even when I stayed there when O was born just a few months).. and I’ve been house hunting on and off for the past 5 years.  I am NOT moving in with YOUR mom when I have a set of in-laws and my own kin to help.  If you want to make this a competition at least try to make it on an even level playing field.  I’m married, you’re dating, and IF you break up since there’s no ring in sight, a mortgage is a lot more to break up for assets.  But congrats on putting in an offer, maybe the 5th time is a charm for you.”  Was I bitter? Yep.  Was I a bitch? Absolutely.  Did she deserve it?  Ehhh… maybe not but it felt good to say.

But yesterday was a productive day.  I managed to get my cousin to say she’d help clean the house to prep it for us to leave.  Luckily I have Norwex in massive inventory & I am good to go with not needing to buy any of that.  I just need help with the bathrooms and kitchen because of packing lives away.  It will get done & then once the place is empty we can thoroughly go through and clean the carpets.  I always LOVED having carpets until Harvey happened and the freaking litter goes everywhere.  Well, I might be biting said bullet and grabbing a second entry mat from Norwex because it’ll trap the little pesky stray litter bits.  I am excited for my first one to be delivered tomorrow.

All I need to do between now and figuring out a house, upping my Norwex business, selling oils for the wellness jam, plus packing my life away AND maybe finding a new job.  And oh, get pregnant.  In some sort of order.

This is where I need insight.  Tell me your packing up a house hack WITH a toddler.  Do you do the toddler’s stuff last (which is half the space?)? I can pinterest ideas until kingdom come, but instead of searching, I want to know: what already works.  What have you done, that you’d do again and again if you need to move? Or do you just hire a moving company?


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