Approved… time to look for a house

Well 7 days ago we were told to move out by 6/15… now we finally have word we’re approved & we’re now screwed.  Who sells a house in the summer? Next to no one, right?  I always thought it would be a ton of people since it’s easier to switch schools in the summer.. but then what adult wants to give up their summer vacations?  Absolutely NO ONE.  Why would they?  I don’t blame them.

So we perused houses last Thursday & what is it about houses with SPIRAL STAIRCASES?!  Like narrow, half steps.  That’s not okay for a toddler or for a husband who has size 14 feet.  I couldn’t even walk up the steps.. Geez, can’t imagine if O walked that.. or teaching another kid to do those steps.  Then we looked, or tried to look, at twins.  Some were already OFF the market & were just placed on the market.  Why do people say they like looking at houses?! I find it to be nervewrecking.  The only good thing is knowing that the house will be Norwex from the get-go.  We will never have to worry about chemicals being in the house AND if and when we get pregnant with number two, no chemicals will be to worry about.  My fear is just that crap from all sorts of chemicals that even though the house has been chemical free for a year, doesn’t stop whatever the neighbors are using and are permeating through the walls.  I could be completely wrong and I could sound like a moron, but it’s my fear.

But now we have so much more on our plates.  Last week was chaos.  Last Monday was a diagnostic testing with the fertility specialist, then the house situation, then looking at the houses, dealing with my sister moving to Cleveland, taking care of my mom/dad/sisters’ dogs, along with blood work and Memorial Day Weekend. If that’s not enough of a chaotic week, we went to Maryland & on Sunday I woke up so sick and was vomiting for an hour and a half straight.  I despise vomiting and M took me to urgent care and they placed me in a kid’s room.  I’m 30, know my cycle pretty damn well, know I’m not pregnant, can tell you what I’m allergic to, and know that I am unable to give a urine sample due to the constant vomiting and other issues…. Like a cleanse.. on roids.  It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.  A full 90 minutes; urgent care & zofran later… plus some Pedialyte & I felt better.  Then a nap… because a nap was necessary.

But I must go, headache from searching for houses AND a toddler… woof.

Talk to you all soon!


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