15 boxes in… And that’s just the kitchen & picture frames..

YEP! We found a house.  Literally a whirlwind.  Went to the chiropractor on May 30th then toured the house… then put an offer on it.  It was submitted by 11:47pm then by 10:50am Thursday they accepted.  Holy smokes.  So what does that mean?  I’m a homeowner… soon & I am working on figuring out all the logistics.

What logistics?  Let’s see:

  • How long to take off of work
  • What to paint
  • Where to paint
  • Packing the house up in small batches
  • Avoiding meltdowns from my toddler over the move
    • they’ve been happening a lot lately because of the change
    • On Saturday we went to pick out paint chips
    • Design a room with her insight (Rapunzel.. obviously)
  • Not losing it with my current landlord who is pissing me off right now… she finds out we get a house & she’s expecting us to be already in boxes.. um NO
  • Dealing with the HOA and all their nonsense

So far my layout of the event looks like this:

  1. the night before settlement, buy paint, rollers, etc.
  2. go to settlement
  3. go to home depot/lowes and buy new locks (should I get a key less entry on the main door?)
  4. change locks
  5. paint O’s room – I’m so freaking excited for this project though & how it’ll be executed.  She wants a purple room, with a “princess” bed which we found at IKEA as an extendable bed.. and then some wall vinyls from Etsy in the shape of the Corona Sun.. so it should be good!
  6. paint the bathroom- there’s a pink tub, pink sink & BLUE tiles.. I feel like I’m living in Sleeping Beauty “Make it Pink! Make it Blue!” umm nope.  I found on Pinterest AirStone.. anyone ever use it?  Looks super easy BUT I didn’t know if it was a good idea.  Also found on Pinterest a way to paint the tub & sinks — I’m being adventurous for the first 3 days in the house.
  7. Remove the wallpaper at the top of the bedroom we’ll be residing & woof getting rid of that heinous pepto bismol pink!

In the meantime I have quotes out for Central Air to be installed, movers to evaluate the move in general, spackling the many holes in the house AND cleaning .. lots and lots of cleaning.  So I hired someone for that too.  Woof.  Also, scheduling O for dance classes in the summer with her friend K hopefully.. granted they won’t be in the same class next season but it’ll be nice to be there and know what’s going on 🙂   Hopefully she’ll have better luck than I did with being a mom of a toddler with doing things for your toddler & not for yourself.

But on top of all of that I’ve been planning a massive surprise for O.  Her room is themed with Rapunzel so for the first night in the house, we are having Rapunzel come to the house to read her a story for the first night in the house.  While she may or may not remember it when she’s older, we want to ensure that memories are provided for her regardless.  This move has already shaken her and I’m sure by the time the move is officially over, she will have been rocked to her core.

And while all of this has been going on, fertility stuff has been ongoing as well.  So yesterday was an HSG.  I was told it was going to be uncomfortable and I guess I may have over anticipated the pain because throughout the procedure, I was crying.  It might have been because my uterus became a viewing party and I hate feeling like a freak show.  Not only that but I never signed any paperwork saying such an event could occur.  So now what?  4 rounds of Clomid, an ultrasound looking at my “perfect ovaries” (ummm thanks?) along with 7 vials of blood + now an HSG.. all while he only had to give a specimen.. GRR.  Oh well.. now the diagnostic stuff is over.. time will tell what is going on next Wednesday night.  And if it’s me, I’m done.  I’m officially done.

Well in the meantime, time to continue packing, sell Norwex, & move into a house.


2 thoughts on “15 boxes in… And that’s just the kitchen & picture frames..

  1. Congratulations! What did the HSG feel like? I only ever got to a sono, and they didn’t think I needed an HSG. I really wished I’d pushed them for one now, seven months later.


    • I think I was banking on it hurting.. BUT it didn’t.. just super uncomfortable. What was the weirdest thing was the “viewing party” that happened DURING the HSG. A few students, a radiologist, my fertility specialist, the assistant, I felt like I was on show… just weird.

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