A Week Later…

…and my sister got diagnosed with PCOS.  Unexplained Infertility for me, PCOS for my sister, & eosinophilic granulomatosis for my other sister.  What’s the difference between me and my sisters?  Well the one with PCOS isn’t a raging lunatic.  Ever since my sister moved to Cleveland, she’s been on this blocking phase of who she can call and harass then degrade all within a week’s time.  It’s fascinating really, but annoying because in the end all it does is cause chaos.

Why does it call chaos? Well she only calls during working hours and when she calls she begins to yell at you thus leaving you unable to defend yourself or even speak up.  Here’s what set off this entire fiasco:

  • Susan* was on a date with Tom* and somehow Susan’s* friends texted her saying that she was tagged by her mom ask her mom connected with an old family friend regarding Susan’s* health issues
  • Susan* called her mom berating her and telling her how much she sucks as a parent, that she is dead to Susan*, yadda yadda… so after being blocked her mom blocks Susan as well.
  • Susan randomly needs access to her mom BUT she had no idea that her mom blocked her… so when she found out another fight happened.
  • Susan called me asking to get access to Mom and when I connected with Mom, fights erupted left and right.
  • Then our older sister called/texted.  Susan took it upon herself to begin continuing diagnosing our older sister saying that PCOS is an autoimmune disorder instead of supporting our older sister and trying to understand where she was in the diagnosis instead of going steadfast into Dr. Google and figuring out life.
  • Susan then told me I am an ingrate, uneducated, stupid, horrible mother who knows nothing about anything because I do not know that all of us probably have an autoimmune disease (meanwhile, all of my testing came back normal.. but hey, why would Susan know all of that, right?).

So what does that all mean? Susan is neurotic. She loves drama, loves to have fights.  BUT what she doesn’t get is that she will have no one to fight with next month… and when people keep her blocked (because I won’t unblock- I don’t need my daughter to hear her aunt calling her mother all sorts of derogatory terms) she’ll have no one.  I mean she’s already 400 miles + away for at least another year or so.

But in regards to my other sister with PCOS.. she’s trying to cope with the diagnosis.  She’s a teacher who loves kids and wanted to be a mom… the problem is she married a guy who never wanted kids & he gave in to try.. but he wouldn’t allow fertility medicine…. and now he must be relieved because his wife is unable to conceive without medical intervention.  I guess just like the Reproductive Endocrinologist told me last week too.

Speaking of… the fertility clinic connected with me regarding costs of IVF that I knew would be too expensive yet somehow my husband had it in his head that it would be relatively priced.  I told him $6000 BEFORE the egg removal– and he said “ummm… there’s more?” well yes buddy, yes, there is.  Sometimes it must be nice to live in a world where nothing has rhyme or reason.. but IVF.. there IS a rhyme and reason.. it’s expensive.  Would another child be worth the pain of egg retrieval prior to all the kicks and labor?  I hate knowing I have a nursing wardrobe + an entire pregnancy wardrobe that will not be used again because well.. I’m not pregnant and unsure when I will be OR if I will be any time soon.  It’s painful to constantly think about.

So instead of thinking, I am trying to consume my thoughts with packing, dress rehearsal, dance recital, summer dance classes, moving, unpacking, paint colors, movers, Norwex’s conference in July, vendor events, and so many things other than baby making and pregnancy.

Will July be “New House, New Baby?”  We shall see when August rolls around I suppose..


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