DocuSign… I think it’s form 8?

First time home buyers.. please stand up.  Oh wait, at this day & age, I feel like it’s just me anymore.  I feel alone in this buying, packing & all sorts of other things.

Want to know the worst thing? I haven’t been at work a full week since MAY… sometime in MAY.  Between home stuff, packing, doctor’s appointments, and mental breakdowns over stress and stupid younger sister drama this will be my first week working 37.5 hours.  Sometimes I wonder what I am doing to myself.  No wonder why the fertility specialist told me L is a “unicorn child” because the stress going on is insane.

So since May 31st– my god, it feels like a damn eternity since then– we’ve signed the offer, the U&O, the inspector fee, the inspector paperwork, the termite paperwork, the tenancy type, the title, the looking for home owner’s insurance & what types of dogs are okay and not okay, so. many. forms. and so. much. research.  Usually 6 weeks goes by so quickly.. not this time.  I feel like I’m experiencing my own Groundhog’s Day.  The only thing I have accomplished I feel like is – surviving L’s first official dance recital.  How did I do that?  Lots & lots of oils: Valor on shoulders, Stress Away on neck, Joy over my heart, Sacred Mountain in my diffuser, Lavender in my diffuser, Idaho Blue Spruce on my crown, En-R-Gee in the shower, Abundance in the shower, so. many. oils.  And I’m still on said struggle bus.

The worst part?  My Norwex business has suffered this month because of the move.  I hate knowing that happened BUT I will make it a point to rebuild and make the business an integral piece of my life come the next fiscal year.  I am also excited for Texas- M and I need time away together but it isn’t the entire time alone together.  I will be there for Norwex’s conference.  Maybe that’s what we’re missing, just us.  It’s hard to be us where we are because we always have a toddler around.  Whether she’s in her room, down 95, up 95, down the road, anywhere.. she’s always on our minds especially if we’re a phone call away.  Perhaps if we’re states away, we’ll be better.  Get grounded to just us again.  Date nights don’t do it.  Date nights are literally a waste for us because they’re ruined with calls about L and such minuscule things.  Here’s to hoping that states away help us get back to us.

8 years of being with someone I never realized would take this much work.  We’re friends, but we bicker a lot lately.  The more stressed I am, the more I shut down and the more his breathing sometimes gets to me.  He never tells me about anything that bothers him and that’s the most frustrating thing in the world.  He sighs & never says what’s wrong.  You ask too many times and poof, he gets angry.  Welcome to marriage.  Relationships are work.  Marriage is work.  Parenthood is work.  Norwex is work.  My full time job is work.  Nothing comes easy.  Annoying.

So fill me in: how many more documents will I need to sign before settlement?  If I sigh all of these documents PRIOR to settlement, do I have anything to sign on settlement?  Will it be smooth?  Where are potential hiccups?  What ARE potential hiccups?

Also BATH FITTERS… who has them?  How much of PITA are they?  A guy at Home Depot talked us out of Airstone & DIY the project…

SPAM ME with help everyone!


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