July has been a blur… mixed with a side of A$$hole.

So July has pretty much come & gone.  I am still confused with how quick it’s been.  4th of July was boring.  I went on “vacation” from July 9-July 23 because of the move and Norwex’s conference in Grapevine, Texas.

July 9-July 13 was a blur.  It was a long drawn out process of Home Depot runs & settlement.  Settlement was drawn out because our lender sent the wire to the wrong name… so that was a 3 hour fiasco but we got in.  The house is ours.  Now it’s been fighting with the landlord.

She calls us daily lately about getting into the condo earlier than the end of the month BUT will not provide us money for breaking lease.  So we keep fending her off.  We got O’s room painted, I took drywall off in my bedroom (whoops!) and then the bathroom color well… we have gone for the “ugliest bathroom” contest.. and I think we’re winning! O’s room is almost done, just needs things hung and placed on walls.. but our bedroom needs our dressers painted & drywall fixed with the paint.

The Uhaul was that Sunday (and somehow the loaders forgot so many boxes!) and then the movers were that Monday the 16th.  The best part of the 16th was Rapunzel coming to the house from Sing A Long Princess Parties to welcome O to her new bedroom, new bed, and most importantly her new house.  Then that night was short lived because the condo’s HOA almost towed my husband’s car so my daughter didn’t even sleep in her bed that night.  Ugh.  So that Tuesday was the Fios install & that was a terror as well.  But it’s in and O can watch Muppet Babies, Fancy Nancy & her newest obsession much to my disdain, Spongebob Squarepants.  That next day was another day of packing since I was headed to Norwex’s National Conference.

I strongly believe in the product and this is why I can honestly say that after the other direct sales companies I have sold for, this one is my favorite.  I love knowing I am spreading wellness, that the hostess program is the MOST rewarding I’ve ever seen AND you start living better.  The incentives trips this year to earn are absolutely amazing (Cabo AND Oslo, Norway!).  The products are just as great, while many were new colors… the products are just that great!

Fast forward to the nightmare of Spirit airlines.  I have had 65 emails, 15 tweets, 4 Facebook posts, 3 phone calls all about the nightmare of Spirit.. and nothing has been resolved.  So to keep my blood pressure down, I will avoid this topic.

This week… well I went to the doctors for blood work & my levels say I am pregnant.  No fertility medicine was involved – he prescribed Femara.. I “lost” it during the move… aka I threw that shit out & called it a day.  I go for an ultrasound yesterday (exactly 5 weeks) and he goes “don’t be surprised when you start to miscarry it’s going to be coded as an ectopic pregnancy.  We’ll see you on Friday” — I don’t know what I did to this doc, but I really freaking hate him.  The best was when he walked in instead of being SLIGHTLY excited for me he said “So you don’t take my meds, you don’t sign on for IVF, and you think you’re pregnant by just having sex?  We’ll see about this.  Your numbers suggest 5 weeks BUT there’s no sac, or not a strong enough one for me to call you viable.”  I really hate this man.  I asked him when’s the soonest I could get released to go back to my OB and he said “well since he doesn’t deliver, you won’t be going back to him” I said quite frankly “well when can I get out of your hands because I refuse to stay longer than a week”.. he’s terrible.  I don’t care if he thinks he’s being funny, he has terrible bed side manner, he doesn’t give a shit about his patients and I refuse to give this branch of this organization THOUSANDS of dollars potentially for IVF.

So here I am, still periodless, literally PRAYING I don’t cramp up more than I already am, that my stress remains low, and that I don’t throat punch this guy tomorrow morning when he potentially tells me this isn’t a viable pregnancy.  I get randomly sick, but no pregnancy nose, depending on how I sit is when my breasts hurt and I am always tired.. I just don’t have the constant sickness that I did with O which scares me.  I always told M that if we ever got pregnant again and I never got sick I would always think the worst… well here we are folks.. not as sick & I’m being treated like shit by a doctor who told me “you’re going to miscarry”… comforting.

What bothers me most is that I am healthier now than I was with O.  Between no harmful chemicals in the house, THANK YOU NORWEX, to the oily lifestyle, Praise to you Young Living!, I am just coasting these few days.  August better be a better month… and tomorrow’s ultrasound better come back with better results.

Maybe it’s not me at all.. perhaps it’s my hate for this doctor…


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