90% sure it’s viable… but still can be ectopic.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  But the best part was today I didn’t even acknowledge him but he started talking like he’s been sued before and doing a massive covering of his tush.  I had my husband with me today so I didn’t explode & the nurse who I love and shouldn’t blow up at (sorry…) did get a harsh hello this morning.

This is how the convo went:

Nurse: Good morning! How are you feeling today?

Me (holding back some tears): Fine. I just want this over with.

Nurse: the pregnancy?

Me: No according to Dr. X, I’m not pregnant.

Nurse (gestures me into the room): Waist down, on the table.  You know the drill.  But seriously, are you okay?

Husband: she’s stressed.  He got into her head on Wednesday & then she drove into Center City alone thinking that her body has yet again failed her and he sent her on her way without even talking to her.  She’s used to being talked to in an office AFTER the doctor does his stuff.  Not having the doctor have a tool inside her and then talking to her vagina.

Me: I can talk for myself.  (the nurse), I’m fine.  I think he’s a dick and needs better bed side manner.  I need him to not talk to me and just do the damn transvaginal and if it’s bad, he better pull the tool OUT of me before he talks to me.

Nurse: I can’t promise that.  Especially if there’s good news.  We’ll be back in a few minutes (shuts the door).

That was the longest I waited for him to get into the exam room.  In he walks and the conversation with him was riveting.

Doc: Hi Stephanie

Me (silence)

Doc (to my husband): oh, good morning, didn’t know you were coming

Husband: someone has to be on Steph’s side.

Doc: Steph are you okay?

Me: Can we just get this over with? No small talk.  I have to get to work.

Doc: Sure.

He does the exam, and what’s interesting this time is that he’s talking as if he’s been sued before.  Being vague, open ended, and not answering directly.  While it makes me giggle, it also pisses me off because his 4.9 rating must be false.  Who knows.  But all in all now it’s a waiting game for numbers.  Just want them to be higher than what they were on Tuesday afternoon.  But what came out of this entire morning: a blown vein, a second blood draw, me not blowing up on the doctor but still in tears regardless, and a nurse who shouldn’t have gotten yelled at but she did.  I can’t even blame hormones, I am just that flustered and I feel that bad about myself because of a doctor.

And honestly, I haven’t felt that bad about myself since college started. So if this is viable, I have 5 more weeks with Dr. A$$hole.  I hope it’s less.. but we’ll see. Fingers crossed everything goes well.


Next appointment 7:45am on Monday.  Let the waiting game commence.


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