Life in the Fast Lane

…that was a blog title for my sorority sister… I always appreciated the play on her last name.  I did.  It was perfect.  But that seems like my life currently.. a fast lane.

It’s crazy to think that in a few weeks ago Dr. Dbag was potentially ruining my life knowing I removed chemicals and all that harsh crap from my life.  But in that same week a mutual set of friends is going through the nastiest divorce.  If you read the last blog, I heard one side and one side only… I heard the second and man, some people are great actors.  Changing facebooks, blasting the former significant other, literally ruining an image one had taken their entire life to create, and blasting it and tarnishing it to the nines.  Not to mention my own mini realization: the enigma of a hero I generated forever, was literally ripped to shreds.  The behavior is not parental, nor is it emotionally or physically safe for a child let alone children to be around.  But the acting on facebook can literally earn someone an Oscar for said performance.  Which gets me to my point: parenthood isn’t a performance.  Maybe performance art.. but nothing to win an Oscar on.  Have you seen parents’ balancing acts: groceries, diaper bag, infant carseat, nursing and cooking dinner, baby wearing and vacuuming, you name it many great and not so great parents have done it.  But it’s an art.  You finesse the art as the minutes pass of said new life brought on this earth.  From the moment the bloat happens you artistically learn how to cover the bloat up as best you can until you’re ready to announce.

Now finesse that art when you’re chemical free in your home and all you smell is Lysol, Clorox & bleach everywhere.. you want to gag.  That requires an Oscar but you can say it makes you gag because of being chemical free.  But for how long?  Parenthood is not for the faint of heart.  This divorce my mutual friends are asking me to be a part of made me look at my own relationship and what’s crazy is that I married outside my hometown.. two couples who met in high school and spent over a decade together and have multiple children have recently split.  Talk about rattling my world.  I mean, my relationship is pretty solid- minus some breakdowns here and there due to exhaustion and this flutter of a heartbeat not knowing what it likes me to eat.  But other than that, we’re okay.  It’s adulting.  We didn’t get much time to ourselves, dating in college to living at home, to a proposal and living together January and March of 2012 respectively-  to married in 2013 then parents and career changes in 2014.  It was never just he and I… which sometimes comes with its challenges.  But we’re solid–ish.  But back to the fast lane… besides rattling my own mind and these couples’ lives being usurped by change… I just sit back looking at the house we bought in my hometown wondering if the same will happen to my daughter when she’s older.  God, I hope not.  But we’ll see.

The next few months will be thought of in weeks, BUT it will be an amazing few months.  Let’s see: the clinical projects manager is leaving her position to switch positions within the company (YES!), the busier times of the fall is coming (but that means PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!), and figuring out my fall calendar for Norwex.  My life is blessed, that’s all I can say.  New house, new flutter, new wall colors, house is almost decorated, no drama in the family since the one integral piece of drama is in another state.. we’re good.

For those struggling whether it’s financially or it’s personally, I wish you the best. It’s a bump in the road.  But if you’re wishing to take the chance to change your financial status let’s chat.  Norwex has been AMAZING.  Great company, great hostess programs, so generous, fantastic customer service, seriously the best.


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