JFF.. is my BFF

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So what is JFF you ask?  It’s JOIN FOR FREE with Norwex.  I love my side gig.. it’s not even a gig.. it’s a lifestyle.  It’s healthier & so much safer for me, my daughter, my nugget along with the husband.

Going to Conference back in July was amazing.  I learned so much & know that this business is for EVERYONE.  Even if you want to be a kitnapper & get a “basic package” for just shipping & handling you can do just that.  The best about this deal is that there is no sales requirement.  As long as you submit a $250 order on a rolling 3 month period, you can keep your 35% discount forever.  What can you get with a $250 order quarterly?  Laundry Detergent, liquid laundry (I mix both together since I have an old school & it’s SUPER OLD washing machine.. so I need the boosts!), odor eliminator (that’s my fabric softener… so the stink is gone), sportzyme (because have you smelled State Trooper Uniforms in the summer?! BARF!! And carpet stain buster or even the bathroom cleaner which is one of my favorite things!  You can also buy the water filtration system & every 3 months buy a new filter since it’s good for 100 fills!  So much better than Brita & the water tastes so much different.. YES.. I promise you: you can taste the difference… my cat even gets the Norwex water.  It’s soooooooooooo tasty!

My house no longer smells of bleach… THANK GOD!

So join me & the safe & simple squad… who’s a part of Green Haven Crew, Dreams of Green & most importantly part of the Planet Green Team (YES.. with this company you know the teams you’re in.. I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!) and rock your business.  You can earn a trip to Cabo AND to Norway… YEP!  CABO AND NORWAY!….  Do you want to join me?  I challenge you to join for free & rock your business… spread safe havens and learn how the Norwegian Experience (ahem… Norwex) has made some impeccable life changing experiences for everyone.

Going Green Graciously,

Stephanie ❤


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